About the KSCE2017

Main Theme

Regions and industries creating a sustainable and liveable future.
– Creating a “Meta-Comfort” smart society –

As the evolution of Smart City continues, life becomes more convenient, and approaches for life styles more satisfying and safe keeps increasing. The coexistence between humans and Smart technology is gathering more and more attention as the rapid improvement of digital technology might have made some adverse effects while it contributes to regional creations.

Based on this perspective, in addition to efforts produced so far, this time “Kyoto Expo” will challenge the creation of a “Meta-Comfort smart society” oriented on “richness” of “heart” from “things”, in order to overcome the urgent issues that Japan is currently facing, such as declining social dynamism due to falling birthrate and aging population, rural demographic decline and other social problems.

Strong Points

10,000 key-persons from Japan and overseas gathering in Kyoto/Keihanna.

The previous expo at Kyoto – Keihanna saw participation from 10,221persons (total) from 28 countries.

  • Attended not only by companies but also by national and local government project leaders and researchers.
  • Exhibition of various types of industries related to environment, energy, ICT, health and food, culture and education etc.

Providing an opportunity to carry out worldwide business matching.

95%of visitors and exhibitors answered by “we had important results” and “we had results”.

6 Offers from Kyoto – Keihanna at the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2017



Smart City Expo – An international event held via partnership and cooperation between regions around the world.

Business support through the international networks of Barcelona (Spain), Kyoto – Keihanna (Japan), Puebla (Mexico), and Buenos Aires (Argentina), etc.



Implementation of multifaceted discussions and information exchange among participants from around the world, based on such themes as the latest world trends, researches, technological developments, and city policies relating to the expanding Smart City market.

Promotion of corporate technological exchange and collaboration between corporations.



Keynote speeches, sessions, seminars and more from top-level Smart City experts invited from Japan and abroad.

Fine tuning of corporate Smart City strategies.



This expo offers corporate exhibitions for the purpose of B-to-B transactions and business matching.

KICK, which started as an international open innovation base, has previously involved many corporations and groups, and created new business chances. (KICK Star Creation Project will be held simultaneously)



Provision of opportunities to come in contact with the latest Smart City research and technological development within Japan’s cutting-edge innovation environment including regional designations of national and international strategic zones.

Presentations on various projects related to Smart City



We called on Asian countries administration, universities / research institutions and companies to participate as we are planning interactions with Japanese universities / research institutions and companies on research seeds and technologies related to Smart City.

Holding the Asia-Smart City Exchange and Cooperation Program.

Smart City Expo World Congress