About the KSCE2018

Regions and industries to create a sustainable and liveable future
− Creating a “meta-comfort” smart society –

Development of smart cities will make life more convenient, and achieve safe, secure and comfortable lifestyles. Further, ICT such as IoT, big data, AI and robotics, which is leading to historic paradigm shift on business structures, is positioned in each country as an important strategic sector to be a driving force of the next industrial revolution. In light of such situation, KSCE2018 provides support in building a mechanism to encourage commercialization and industrialization based on sustainable open innovation, while endeavor to create a “meta-comfort” smart society in order to overcome present urgent issues which Japan is facing, such as regional decline of societal and economic vitality due to decreasing birthrate and aging population.


10,000key-persons from all over the world gathering in Kyoto/Keihanna.

[ KSCE2017 ] 10,518 participants including 631 from 22 countries and regions, 101 companies and organizations.

  • Both companies and government project leaders and researchers attended.
  • Exhibition from various fields of technology, such as environment, energy, ICT, health and food, culture and education etc.

Providing an opportunity to carry out worldwide business matching

98% of visitors and exhibitors were statisfied with the event outcomes.
“we had important results” and “we had results”.

Seven dimensions at KSCE2018 in Kyoto – Keihanna


A global event held via partnership and cooperation between regions around the world.

BBusiness support through the global networks of Barcelona (Spain), Denmark and so on.


Multifaceted discussions and information exchange among participants from all over the world, under the themes such as the latest world trends, researches, technological developments or urban policies related to the expanding smart city market.

Promotion of corporate technological interaction and corporate collaboration.


Keynote speeches, sessions and more from top-level smart city experts invited from Japan and abroad.

Fine tuning of corporate strategies on smart cities.


Holding a “Nationwide Local Municipalities Exchange Symposium (tentative)” so as to share the good practices that ICT can be utilized to solve regional issues.

Matching opportunities between local municipalities and businesses.


Offering corporate exhibitions for the purpose of B-to-B transactions and business matching.

Creation of new business opportunities through exhibition from many companies and organizations at KICK, the global base for open innovation, as well as matching with exhibitors of Keihanna Business Messe.


Opportunities to come in contact with the latest researches and technological developments on smart cities in the most advanced environment for innovation of Keihanna, which is also specified as the designated area of National/International Strategic Zone.

Presentations on various projects related to smart cities.


Activating interactions on research seeds and technologies related to smart cities between universities / research institutions / companies in Japan and around the world.

Holding international cooperation programs.