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We aim to realize "a smart, flexible, and accommodating society" by industry-government-academia collaboration from 2013. We introduce our commercialized outcomes and present themes.

We show you the fascinations of Keihanna Science City and progress of the city by specific indicator. Please find our unique Innovation-Eco-System and aggressive efforts on the Brain tech with ICT.

“JIKO ZERO FORUM is the place for Open Innovation to create traffic accident free society in 2030. We will run projects by combine new idea and technology to solve major cause of accident.

ZERO-SUM develops value-added systems and services to contribute safe and smooth traffic in the Intelligent Transportation Systems for both automobiles and road sector in Japan, India and the world.

Socionext provides solutions that achieve low power consumption, high speed performance, and short TAT integration, thereby contributing to the differentiation of our customers' products.

・Household Energy Storage System ・V2H system ・Public and Industrial Power Storage System ・Portable Power Storage System

In this new normal age, we offer the DX solutions which visualize the past, present, and future in the digital geographic space of existing data, data you want to have, and data you should have.

In the era of CASE and new energy, we globally support the development of smart mobility with "measurement" technologies for material/fuel cell/battery/vehicle evaluation, and CAV engineering/testing.

RIKEN is Japan's largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines.

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