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If you would like to have a business meeting with exhibitors or delegation from abroad, please fill-in “business matching sheet” and send us it by E-mail or Fax.Due date : Fri., Sept. 15, 2017

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Askey Computer Inc

In the past we are OEM/ODM company but now we are just transforming as a smart city solution enabler. We are offering smart city infra solutions especially with broadband accessing technologies. Details please see our company web for all communication products and technologies we have. For company smart city solution, please refer to enclosed Askey Computer Loopzone PDF.

Needs Any partners or customers who are interested in our products, solutions and services.
Seeds Now we are offering Taipei City in Taiwan three Smart Mobility Solutions. They are: Taipei Smart Main Station, Smart LCD Panel in Smart Bus Stops and Smart LED Digital Signatures in Smart Bus Stops. Other than we have Smart Home solutions explained in more details in our web.
Contact personnel Mr. KJ Liu GM of Smart City Solution Integration
Address 10F, No. 119, Jiankang Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC
TEL +886222287588 E-mail
Established 1989 Capital Fund 13M USD
Annual Sales 1.2B USD Employees 8,000
Category of business Communication Manufacturing

Big Data Agency Co., Ltd.

– Quick delivery
– High experience teams
– Has specialist in many fields
– Many products and knowledges in hand

Needs – IT companies (coorperation, IT solutions, etc.)
– Brand owners (Chat Bot, Digital Signage, etc.)
– Banks (Message management system, Digital Signange, etc.)
– Building owners (malls/shops/hospitals/public facility) (Digital Signage)
Seeds – Website : frontend, backend
– Mobile Application : native applications
– Digital Signage : Controllable, customizable, and real-time digital signage system
– Loyalty Program : Providing management over loyalty system
– Message Management : Filtering, scheduling, and templating messages. Sending thru multiple channels (i.e. Email, SMS, Facebook, LINE, etc.)
– Chat Bot : Chat Bot platform, support with Facebook and LINE
– Image Processing
– Beacon/LINE Beacon
– Game (2D/3D) (Offline, Online, Multi-player, interactive)
Contact personnel Mr. Natdanai Homkong Solution Director
Address 408/169 Paholayothin Place Bld., 42th Floor, Samsane nai, Paya thai, Bangkok, 10400
TEL 089 9972072 E-mail
Established 2015 Capital Fund 1 million
Employees 28
Category of business IT Solutions, research and development

United Welsh Group

We are a social housing provider delivering homes and related services in South Wales, we are the leading developer of new homes in South Wales, delivering around 250 new homes each year. We have been nominated as one of the Top 10 Landlords in the UK by 24Housing, and after a public vote, to be ranked as fifth. We provide affordable homes to rent or buy, including a range of homes for people with support needs. Our primary customers are people seeking affordable housing in any of our areas. United Welsh recognizes its impact upon the environment in several ways. We are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and pollution prevention. We understand the need to use our capital, assets and resources effectively in a commercial manner where we let innovation shine and maximize the return on our investments.

Needs We are seeking to invest a further £139m in constructing new homes over the next 5 years. We recognise the value of our partnerships and work continuously to deliver efficiencies through collaboration. Our procurement processes are robust ensuring economically advantageous outcomes balancing costs against quality. We are specifically interested in off-site manufacturing and enhanced levels of sustainability.
Contact personnel Mr. Richard Mann Group Director of Operations
Address Y Borth, 13 Beddau Way, Caerphilly. CF83 2AX
TEL 029 20 858104 E-mail
Established 1989 Capital Fund £421m
Annual Sales £24.3m Employees 300
Category of business Social Housing and Property Development

Specific Innovation & Knowledge Centre, led by Swansea University

Specific is a national Innovation and Knowledge Centre in the UK. Led by Swansea University and funded by the UK and Welsh Government through EU funds. Our vision is to turn buildings into powertations that generate more energy than they consume. We work with approx 70 organisations including major corporations such as Tata Steel, NSG Pilkington Glass, Akzo Nobel and 13 UK universities including Imperial, Oxford, Bath and SMEs. Our USP is to develop technologies and integrate them at building scale to prove we can radically transform the way buildings are designed to ease stress on the grid and create energy resilient communities.

Needs We are an innovation centre based in the UK and we are looking for collaborators and companies that can share our vision to develop buildings that generate, store and release their own energy, both heat and electricity. We are particularly interested in organisations that have game changing technologies and solutions to compliment this approach and particularly those that may consider collaborating and locating in the UK as a market opportunity, in the areas of R&D and manufacturing solutions for buildings.
Seeds Specific is developing game changing technologies in the areas of heat and electrical generation and storage from renewables particularly solar. We are developing with industry partners new technologies in this area and we are helping scale other peoples technologies at our pilot manufacturing centre, especially for functional coatings for products for the built environment. Looking for take to market partners to commercialise our new technologies and demonstrate new products,
Contact personnel Ms. Janet Bell Commercial Engagement Director
Address Baglan Innovation Centre, Central Avenue, Baglan Port Talbot, Wales, UK
TEL 01792606861 E-mail
Established Project in 2011 Capital Fund £50m
Employees 110
Category of business Research Organisation

FPT Japan Co.,Ltd.

Cloud Professional Services
Application Services
Legacy Migration
Testing COE (TCoE)
Embedded System
Business Applications

Contract model:
Outsourcing contract
Contract agreement
Quasi-delegate contract
Lab contract
Worker dispatch contract

Needs Companies interested in IT human resource shortage, outsourcing deployment, global expansion.
Seeds Services:
Cloud Professional Services
Application Services
Legacy Migration
Testing COE (TCoE)
Embedded System
Business Applications
Contact personnel Ho Viet Hong Leader of Marketing department
Address CROSS PLACE Hamamatsu-cho 6F, Shibakoen 1-7-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0011, Japan
TEL 03-6634-6868 E-mail
Established 2005 Capital Fund 90 million JPY
Annual Sales 11301 million JPY Employees 800
Category of business Software Development

University KU Leuven

The University KU Leuven (Belgium) coordinates the MSc Energy for Smart Cities funded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) with participation of 4 european Universities (KTH in Stockholm/Sweden, INP in Grenoble/France, UPC in Barcelona/Spain and KU Leuven in Leuven/Belgium). This Master is an international two-year programme and it uses a Challenge Based Education methodology. This system is based in real life challenges provided by companies and cities that are worked for students applying innovation methodologies in order to create entrepreneurship proposals. MSc Energy for Smart Cities works together with start-ups and innovative companies who provide challenges for the students.

Needs We are planning to participate in the Congress through the presentation of a contribution based on our experience in the Master results, based on real smart city challenges provided by cities and oriented to innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, we want to find interested partners in the educational area (University and Technology Centers) and with companies/ entities/ star ups; and collaborate in different kind of projects. The objective is to create entrepreneurial initiatives with a contribution of value and launch the proposals to the global market.
Seeds The fields worked include eMobility, energy efficiency in buildings, smart grids, Internet of Things, renewable (wind, solar), urban participation in renewals introduction etc.
Thanks to the multi-disciplinary structure of the programme our graduates can integrate a broad diversity of solutions, create innovative solutions in inter-disciplinary City Energy ecosystems and foster entrepreneurship with innovative thinking with a strong cooperation with players that are active in Smart Cities environments, such as companies, municipalities and public organizations etc.
The Innovation Journey is a challenge-driven journey where students work in teams to transform challenges in innovative proposals and build up market feasible prototypes. These technical and business challenges are delivered by start-ups and companies.
Contact personnel

Dr. Mar Martínez
Coordinator of the MSc Energy for Smart Cities

Dr. Xavier Crusat
Entrepreneurship Manager of the MSc Energy for Smart Cities

Address Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, bus 2445 – 3001 Leuven (Heverlee) – Belgium
TEL +32 484 54 77 20 E-mail
Established 1425 Capital Fund 11.533.231 €
Annual Sales 933,323,991 € Employees 11,538
Category of business Education, research and technology transfer

PMG Technologies

In 2012, PMG Technologies was awarded the prize of crash lab of the year. PMG offers multiple solutions for certification and research and development testing to companies from all industries. In addition to managing the sole Transport Canada motor vehicle test and research center, PMG offer over 25 km of test tracks and surfaces made for all types of road tests, two environmental chambers with dynamometers, a state-of-the-art laboratory and the most unique crash lab in North America. Our facilities serve the Canadian government but can also perform test and research programs on innovative (new energies), intelligent, connected and autonomous vehicles for automotive manufacturers.

Needs PMG extends a unique offer for industries, governments and universities involved in research, testing and solution development for intelligent and sustainable mobility. As we are looking to grow and innovate in this field, we welcome all partners that can help us further our growth or that can benefit from our expertise and facilities, especially fellow governmental test and research centers.
Seeds Amongst the many services we offer our clients, you’ll find a complete vehicle certification (CMVSS / FMVSS), 25 km of test tracks and surfaces, access to smart cities for multi-climate research, as well as access to various urban laboratories in Montreal, Mirabel, Blainville and Longueuil for demonstrating and validating innovative solutions.
Listed below is a brief summary of the advanced equipment and instrumentation we used to satisfy our clients’ needs and demands.
Deceleration and acceleration catapult, Environmental chambers (-60 °C to +85 °C), Structural laboratories, pedestrian laboratory, ramps and special test tracks, a test ring, dynamometers, sensors and accelerometers, robotic steering and brake system, specialized ADAS testing equipment, over 50 instrumented anthropomorphic test dummies (Thor, WorldSid, BioSid, EuroSid, US DOT SID, SID-II, etc.), instrumented vehicle for driving behavior analysis, high-speed video camera (10 000 IPS), and much more!
Contact personnel Franck Bonny Vice-President, Strategic Development
Address 100 du Landais, Blainville, Québec, j7c 5c9
TEL 450-430-7981 E-mail
Established 1996 Employees 70
Category of business Service, Research and Development
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