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Arashiyama Connected Tourism Demonstration


MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Outdoor Exhibition)

・Test ride “OUTLANDER PHEV”, “i-MiEV”
・Exhibition “OUTLANDER PHEV, V2H and Parallel Exhibition”

tmsuk Co., Ltd. (Outdoor Exhibition)

Special Sponsors Zone

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-01
Contact TEL : 03-6369-7325  Mail : kohei.hasegawa@daimler.com

SoftBank Corp.

Booth No. : 1-02

Shimadzu Corporation

Booth No. : 1-03

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-04
Highlights Redoxflow Battery System, Virtual Power Plant, HEMS
Website http://global-sei.com/
Contact Contact personnel : Yuichi Ishiguro  TEL : 06-6466-5628  Mail : ishiguro-yuichi@sei.co.jp

Rakuten Communications corp.

Booth No. : 1-05
Highlights Rakuten Communications is a digital service provider as the New Value Enabler towards our Digital Society.
We provide reliable, and valuable ICT solutions to empower Rakuten Group, people and society in global.
In our booth, we are going to introduce our latest solutions like One-Click Web Conference, Virtual web Collaboration, Secured mobile access, BYOD solution and more.
We believe we can do help companies accelerate your work style innovation and customer engagement in new and delightful ways.
We are looking forward to seeing you @Booth No.:1-05
Website https://comm.rakuten.co.jp/english/company/
Contact Contact personnel : Yuto Nishio  TEL : 0800-808-0000  Mail : rcomm-ccsb@mail.rakuten.com


Booth No. : 1-06
Highlights  Conventional energy conservation buildings are those that utilize technologies for conserving energy in various places to curb energy consumption as much as possible. On the other hand, ZEB is taking it a further step forward and aims for Zero annual net energy consumption for the entire building by using energy conservation + power generation.
 The salient feature of our Urban ZEB is the aim of achieving net zero energy within a standalone building. As first step we constructed a ZEB demonstration building on the site of Taisei Technology Center. Operation began in June 2014, we could achive net zero annual energy consumption as the simulation predicted for 3years in a row.
 In this EXPO, we will exhibit elemental technology of the ZEB demonstration building. And we’ll also exhibit a new planning of “ ZEB Ready” too.
Website http://www.taisei.co.jp/english/
Contact Contact personnel : SHOICHI SASAKI  Mail : ssksui01@pub.taisei.co.jp

The Kansai Electric Power Company,Incorporated

Booth No. : 1-07


Booth No. : 1-09
Highlights ●Storage system
●Vehicle to Home system
Website http://www.nichicon.co.jp/english
Contact Contact personnel : Fumio Yamashita  TEL : 075-241-5341  


Booth No. : 1-10

The Bank of Kyoto,Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-11


Booth No. : 1-12

NEC Corporation

Booth No. : 1-17
Highlights IoT Platform based on FIWARE contributes to promoting the utilization of various data for cities aim to efficient, safe and sustainable city management.

・Visualizes the problems and values in the area based on collected data.
・Supports the best governance and cost saving with the data analysis.
・Stimulates the data utilization in business sector for new service creation.
We’ll introduce the achievements both in Japan and overseas.
Website http://www.nec.com/
Contact Contact personnel : Kenichi Utajiri  TEL : 075-253-6009  

FIWARE Foundation

Booth No. : 1-18
Highlights FIWARE is an Open Source initiative whose mission is to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards for the development of Smart Applications in multiple sectors. The FIWARE platform combines components enabling the connection to the Internet of Things with Context Information Management and Big Data services on the Cloud.
Website http://www.fiware.org/


Booth No. : 1-62
Highlights TOYOBO developed functional conductive sheet COCOMI TM using stretchable conductive paste as electrode and electric wiring for smart clothing. Smart clothing using COCOMI TM can measure ECG precisely with comfortable feeling.
Website http://www.toyobo-global.com/

Dassault Systèmes

Booth No. : 2-01
Website http://www.3ds.com/
Contact Contact personnel : Marketing  TEL : 03 4321 3506  Mail : Japan.Marketing@3ds.com

Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : 2-02
Website http://nissin.jp/e/index.html
Contact Mail : ideno_shinichi@nissin.co.jp

Cisco Systems G.K.

Booth No. : 2-03
Highlights Cisco has been rolling out City Digitization with ICT into more than 30 countries and 50 cities and buildings globally. In Japan, we made an alliance with Kyoto Prefecture 2 years ago and have introduced Smart City solutions such as Smart Lighting, Traffic Analysis and Surveillance Camera Management with IP network. In addition, we are going to introduce Stadium Solution for 2020 Olympics and the office solution for workstyle innovation which is the one of the hottest solutions in Japan. Please check out our latest solutions which make cities smarter and enjoy the convenience to citizens and the administrators. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Website https://www.cisco.com/
Contact Contact personnel : Yukiko Minabe  TEL : 0120-092-255  


Booth No. : 2-04
Contact TEL : 075-211-3441  Mail : morimoto@nippon-tele.net


Booth No. : 2-05

Daiwa Securities

Booth No. : 2-06
Website [Daiwa Securities]
[1→10HOLDINGS, Inc.]
[1→10drive, Inc.]
Contact [Daiwa Securities]
Contact personnel : YUSUKE MATSUMOTO  TEL : 075-251-2181  Mail : yu.matsumoto@daiwa.co.jp
Contact personnel : NOBUKO SUMIMOTO  TEL : 03-5781-3600  Mail : sumimoto@1-10.com
[1→10drive, Inc.]
Contact personnel : KENICHI YASUDA  TEL : 075-371-2017  Mail : drive-info@1-10.com

Keihanna Research Complex project

Booth No. : 2-07


Booth No. : 2-08

International Zone

Quebec, Canada (Canada)

Booth No. : 1-47
Highlights When it comes to research and innovation, Québec has shown remarkable vitality and is well positioned in the global scientific community. With 2.44% of its gross domestic product devoted to R&D and 10.2 researchers per 1,000 labour market participants, it tops the list of Canadian provinces. It offers one of the world’s most generous tax credit programs and has adopted tailor-made policies for specific sectors. In Québec, the excellence of public research and its interaction with a dynamic business community generates synergy conducive to the emergence of a solid culture of innovation.

Québec representatives participating:
Joint Research Unit in urban sciences (UMRsu)
PMG Technologies
Fonds de recherche du Québec Société et culture
Concordia University
Université Laval
Government of Québec.
Website http://www.international.gouv.qc.ca/ja/tokyo
Contact Contact personnel : Mr. Jason Naud  TEL : 03-5733-4007  Mail : Michikazu.Oyanagi@mri.gouv.qc.ca

Dubai / Middle East Smart Cities (UAE)

Booth No. : 1-48
Website http://www.MiddleEast.tokyo
Contact Contact personnel : Ms. Takako Okabe  TEL : +81-(0)3-6403-3313 / +81-(0)90-7157-2622 / +971 (0)50-3232991(Dubai)  Mail : takako.okabe@mindsatworks.com


Booth No. : 1-49

Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP) (Thailand)

Booth No. : 1-50
Highlights STeP is an academic service center which has missions as follow
Extension research for business, supports university-industry linkage, university’s integrated knowledge project, cooperation with industry (especially on medium to large size), co-operation with companies in the industrial estate (especially in the Northern Region), including supporting research work with international organizations, extension research and knowledge in downstream of the university to achieve real business, incubation and support the establishment of start-up company. Moreover, STeP also has the core mission in coordinate with central agencies to draw Northern Science Park project in Chiang Mai University, Thailand.
Website http://www.step.cmu.ac.th/en_index.php
Contact Contact personnel : Ms.Nithikarn Khajornmot  TEL : (+66)899-849-857 or (+66)81-9696919  Mail : info@step.cmu.ac.th

Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute RDMM Promotion Center

Booth No. : 1-58

University of California, San Diego (USA)

Booth No. : 1-64
Highlights 1) Contextual Robotics Institute - Autonomous Vehicle Research and Vision
- Motivation: Exponential Urbanization; Aging Population; Climate Change Mitigation
- Living Laboratory Approach

2) Smart Transportation Innovation Program
Research, development and commercialization of technologies to enable smart transportation, specifically in the areas of:
- Connected and Collaborative Vehicles and Services
- Autonomous Vehicles
- Smart City Infrastructure Enabling Smart Transportation

3) UC San Diego & The City of San Diego MetroLab Projects
- Participatory Site Identification for Integrated Green Infrastructure and Urban Agriculture
- Forecast and Control of Transportation Network
- Development of Evident-Based Strategies for a Phased Citywide Smart Infrastructure Deployment
- Dynamically Connecting San Diego and its Citizens
Website http://jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/
Contact Contact personnel : Luciana Xavier Gibson  TEL : 858-534-0321  Mail : tokyooffice@ucsd.edu

FPT Japan Co.,Ltd. (Vietnam)

Booth No. : 1-65

Embassy of Finland Trade Section (Finland)

Booth No. : 1-67 (Panel)

Smart Innovation Zone


Booth No. : 1-08
Website http://www.toppan.co.jp/english/index.html
Contact Contact personnel : kazuaki.morisawa  TEL : 06-6454-6081  

Socionext Inc.

Booth No. : 1-13
Highlights Socionext is a new, innovative enterprise that designs, develops and delivers System-on-Chip products to customers worldwide. The company is focused on imaging, networking and computing that drive today’s leading-edge applications. Socionext combines world-class expertise, experience, and an extensive IP portfolio to provide exceptional solutions and ensure a better quality of experience for customers.
Website http://www.socionext.com/en/
Contact Contact personnel : Marketing Promotion Dept. Marketing Div.  Takayuki Onishi  TEL : 075-778-8011  Mail : onishi.takayuki@socionext.com


Booth No. : 1-14
Website http://www.fujielectric.com/
Contact TEL : 06-7166-7309  Mail : atarashi-yuki@fujielectric.com

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-15
Highlights Our smart solutions help you promote smart energy utilization in lifestyle, office buildings and communities. It can meet the various needs of you, such as CO2 reduction, power saving and BCP through "effective use of energy", "sophisticated energy management" and "ensuring energy security"
Website http://www.osakagas.co.jp/en/index.html
Contact Contact personnel : Jun Iwasa  TEL : 075-315-8678  Mail : og-kyoto@osakagas.co.jp

Aoyama Shoji Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-16
Highlights We will mainly exhibit analytical and measuring instruments necessary for evaluating advanced technologies and systems used in environmentally friendly manufacturing.
Website http://www.aoyama-syouji.jp/
Contact Contact personnel : NAOYUKI FUJIWARA  TEL : 075-761-2161  Mail : n-fuji@aoyama-shoji.co.jp

Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework Promotion Organization

Booth No. : 1-19

Nissha Printing Communications, Inc.

Booth No. : 1-20
Contact TEL : 075-823-5151  Mail : y-nakaue@nissha.com

Logbar Inc.

Booth No. : 1-21
Website https://iamili.com/
Contact TEL : 03-6721-6659  Mail : maeda@logbar.jp

NTT Communications Corporation

Booth No. : 1-22
Contact TEL : 0120-893-933  

IKS CO., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-23
Highlights After announcing our revolutionary system "I_DENCON 10 kVA" in 2012, IKS proved its substantially large energy saving effects through number of installations in Japan; also, we have been developing 50kVA SiC types I_DENCON, as well as 10kVA SiC type. "I_DENCON" is a PCS (Power Conversion System) that collectively controls multiple power supply sources with its grid interactive functionality. "I_DENCON" is also expected to be connected to EV. EV’s battery power source can be utilized as an additional power source. It has been highly recommended by customers who were experienced its installations and operations as an important element of smart grid systems, not only in Japan, but also in North American and European countries.
This time we exhibit mass production type I_DENCON for 6 kVA and 10 kVA type. These mass production type I_DENCON have significant power supply capacity which makes efficient and advanced usage of electrical power while building smart city network in conjunctions with rapidly growing EVs in the future market. We look forward to showing you our new I_DENCON!
Contact Contact personnel : Shibasaki Tsuneyoshi  TEL : 075-251-8511  Mail : iks-info@applecenter.co.jp


Booth No. : 1-30
Highlights The organic matter reducer ERCM decomposes synthetic resins such as plastics, rubbers, and organic matters such as plants and animals, into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of inorganic matters (ceramics) .
Thermal decomposition of ceramics by the far–infrared range electromagnetic waves and suppression of oxidizing combustion by negative ions, enable to reduce its volume by 1% and cut its weight by less than a few percent, not consuming any heat source energies and not emitting harmful gases.
Combinations of resins and metals which are difficult to recycle or dispose, and mixtures of spoilage, plastics and sludge will also be reduced to a very small amount of ceramics (metal objects still cannot be reduced by ERCM ).
ERCM will make it possible to dispose at the place where it was discharged without spreading unnecessary materials into other areas and to the next generations.
Contact Contact personnel : Masaaki Ooishi  TEL : 075-661-7048  Mail : ooishiercm@nike.eonet.ne.jp


Booth No. : 1-31
Website https://www.zero-sum.co.jp/en/
Contact TEL : 075-342-3881  Mail : zs-contact@zero-sum.co.jp

Panasonic Corporation

Booth No. : 1-32
Contact TEL : 075-661-5141  Mail : yamashita.takuya-1@jp.panasonic.com


Booth No. : 1-34

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-35
Highlights Products and technologies that "support Smart Life", and give "Peace of mind & Cheer around person" will be displayed.
>"Rice Scan" for crop growing support system: We support ICT smart agriculture by managing growth information of crops using in-house developed device and smartphone.
>Three-dimensional molded circuit parts MID (Molded Interconnect Device): With our original process, it is possible to form a circuit directly on the surface of a complicated molded part.
>LED lantern by electricity generation with water and salt: "MIZUSION"
>EMS exercise equipment "Mote care", low frequency treatment equipment "Momi care": Easier. To the beautiful body. You can train and massage just by pasting it.
>Low Concentration Ozone Disinfection Deodorizer "Ozoneo": Compact and energy-saving, it can eliminate sterilized deodorant to every corner of the room.
Website http://www2.maxell.co.jp/
Contact Contact personnel : Satoshi Matsunuma, Ph. D  TEL : 075-956-3131, or +81-75-956-3131  Mail : satoshi-matsunuma@maxell.co.jp

Keihanna science Net

Booth No. : 1-36

Keigan Inc.

Booth No. : 1-37
Highlights Keigan Motor is an all-in-one electric motor module.
It has 3 good points. "Easy-to-Use", "High-Performance", and "Cooperatively Controllable" (2 or more Keigan Motors are able to work together simultaneously to perform more complex functions). These utilities of Keigan Motors make it possible to embody your ideas for robots and moving systems.
It includes a brushless motor, a control board with a motor driver, a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chip, a rotary encoder, a flash memory and a 6-axis accelerometer-gyro sensor. You can use a portable USB battery as a power source. Also, we provide useful apps for iOS and Android. As soon as you unbox your Keigan Motor and plug it into your portable USB battery, you can control it from our app in your smartphone!
We dream of a society where anyone can create robots which are convenient for their daily life or business easily and quickly by Keigan Motors.
Website https://keigan-motor.com/en/
Contact Contact personnel : Yuko Tokuda  TEL : 0774-84-6075  Mail : info@keigan.co.jp


Booth No. : 1-38
Highlights Representing the next generation of vertical farming, Techno Farm (TM) builds on SPREAD’s original indoor vertical farming technology to provide a further improved model for stable production in any climate. With its innovation centered around the themes of reduced cost, limited environmental impact, and global adaptability, Techno Farm (TM) aims to realize sustainable farming by enabling cultivation in locations experiencing agricultural challenges. The system’s original name Vegetable Factory (TM) has been changed to the more universally appealing Techno Farm (TM) as part of SPREAD’s overseas business expansion.
Website http://www.spread.co.jp/en/
Contact Contact personnel : Kiyoka MORITA, Public Relation  TEL : 075-326-3850  Mail : info@spread.co.jp

HikariDenshiSekkei LTD,.

Booth No. : 1-39

Mitsufuji Corporation

Booth No. : 1-40
Highlights Smartwear products with silver-metalized fiber AGposs® that enable you to collect your vital information such as heartrate, EMG, breathing rate and brain weves.
Website https://www.mitsufuji.co.jp/en/
Contact Contact personnel : AYUMI TOCHIZAWA  TEL : 03-6453-9650  Mail : info@mitsufuji.co.jp


Booth No. : 1-59
Contact TEL : 052-838-8979  Mail : info@cubictech.jp

Kyoto university COI "The innovation center towards a smart, flexible, and accommodating society"

Booth No. : 1-60
Highlights Kyoto university research and develop technologies which will be needed after 10years, put them into practical use, and so develop “a smart, flexible, and accommodating society”.
By collaborating with about 30 companies, we develop products and service by which all people can be active life, so aim to construct the society which people have no anxiety to energy, isolation and health.
We cancel the anxiety to energy by “Microwave electric power transmission” and “Solid-hydrogen sourced fuel cell”, watch life by “Advanced sensor” and “Walk support device”, and cancel the anxiety to health by “Regenerative medicine support technology using iPS cell”.
Website http://www.coi.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en
Contact Contact personnel : Masayuki Okuzawa  TEL : 075-753-5641  Mail : okuzawa.masayuki.2u@kyoto-u.ac.jp

agataJapan CO., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-61


Booth No. : 1-63

Smart life & agriculture Zone

SystemD, Inc.

Booth No. : 1-33
Contact TEL : 075-256-7777  Mail : fujita@systemd.co.jp

The National University Corporation Nara Woman's University

Booth No. : 1-51
Website http://www.nara-wu.ac.jp/nwu/en/index.html
Contact TEL : 0742-20-3968  Mail : kenkyou@cc.nara-wu.ac.jp

YAMATO Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : 1-52

Ryukoku University Faculty of Agriculture

Booth No. : 1-53
Contact TEL : 077-599-5601  Mail : agr@ad.ryukoku.ac.jp


Booth No. : 1-54
Contact Contact personnel : Machiko Fujitake  TEL : 092-434-2020  Mail : info@merci-net.co.jp


Booth No. : 1-55


Booth No. : 1-56
Highlights As well as inspection and the measurement that the person coexists with environment and lives together, our company reduces various risks to be concerned with sanitary control. We provide both environment improvement suggestion and operation(one-stop service) to enhance convenience. In addition, we suggest the service in correspondence with HACCP,GMP.At first,please feel free to contact us.
Website http://www.kanyaku.co.jp
Contact Contact personnel : kaoru takahashi  TEL : 0774-98-2130  Mail : takahashi@kanyaku.co.jp


Booth No. : 1-57
Contact TEL : 0774-41-2933  Mail : iyama@hilltop21.co.jp

Kyoto, Keihanna R&D Zone

Minerva Light Laboratory L.L.C.

Booth No. : 1-42

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Booth No. : 1-43(パネル)
Highlights ・VoiceTra
VoiceTra is an easy-to-use speech translation app that translates your spoken words into different languages. You can easily check whether what you have input is being delivered with the intended meaning. The App supports 29 languages (31 languages including dialects of Chinese and Portuguese).
・Bus Location Guidance System for ‘Seika Kururin Bus’
Location data of in-operation ‘Seika Kururin Bus’ is collected using the device-to-device (D2D) communication system developed by NICT. D2D realizes eco-operation, where devices communicate each other wirelessly and autonomously and there is no need of hub station and cable infrastructure. The collected bus location data is provided on an open web site. Bus users can check the bus location with time by accessing the web site using either a smart phone or a PC without special software.
Website http://www.nict.go.jp/en/index.html

National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology Kansai Photon Science Institute

Booth No. : 1-44
Highlights Kansai Photon Science Institute (KPSI) is one of the core bases of The National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST).
Our Institute promotes research on industrial and medical applications for cutting-edge research of academic science with “light” as a key word and creation of innovation.
We are conducting research aiming at cutting edge of academic fields such as laser acceleration research based on advanced laser technology such as J-KAREN that is a world's top class high-intensity laser which we are proud of.
In addition, we will introduce research on industrial and medical application of laser to create innovation such as laser tunnel inspection technology.
Website http://www.kansai.qst.go.jp/kpsi-en/
Contact Contact personnel : Masahiko Matsumoto  TEL : 0774-71-3000  Mail : matsumoto.masahiko@qst.go.jp


Booth No. : 1-45
Highlights RIKEN will set up a booth at the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2017 to provide an overview of the institute, and introduce its collaborative programs to external organizations. The exhibit will also feature the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), the RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) and the Medical Sciences Innovation Hub Program (MIH), which are associated with Keihanna Science City.
We are looking forward to your visit.
Website http://www.riken.jp/en/
Contact Contact personnel : Keiichi ABE  TEL : 0774-73-2001  Mail : k-abe@riken.jp

Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library

Booth No. : 1-46(パネル)
Website http://www.ndl.go.jp/en/
Contact TEL : 0774-98-1200  

Panel Exhibition of Advanced Municipality

Kizugawa City

PIJIN Co.Ltd. and Izumisano City

Aizuwakamatsu City

Kobe City

Minamiyamashiro Village

Shiojiri City

Climate Change Policy Headquarters CITY of YOKOHAMA

Highlights Yokohama City is now updating Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) from the demonstration stage to the implementation stage using the technologies and know how accumulated in YSCP demonstration project.
Today, we show a part of its project – Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Project, “Saving Energy at Home” and so on.
Website http://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/ondan/english/
Contact Contact personnel : Chika Onodera  TEL : 045-671-2661  Mail : on-project@city.yokohama.jp


Panel Exhibition of Expo Hosts

Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone

Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute

Kyotanabe City/Seika Town/Kizugawa City

Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO

General incorporated association
Kyoto Industrial Eco-energy Promotion Organization

KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21

Kyoto City

Advanced Chemical Technology Center in Kyoto

Next-generation Energy System Creation Strategy for Kyoto, Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program(MEXT)

Kansai Science City Promotion Office, Kyoto Prefectural Government

Keihannna Convention Promotion Committee

Kyoto Area Super Cluster Program

2025 Japan World Expo Committee


Smart City Expo World Congress