Venue Layout / Zoning Diagram

Smart Innovation Zone

Exhibitions from corporations relating to environment/energy, ICT, mobility, culture/education, etc.

Electric and Other Energy Equipment / Infrastructure-related

Solar/thermal power generation systems, wind/hydroelectric power generation systems, gas and other co-generation systems, heat pumps, power conditioners, superconductive cables, batteries, electric vehicle-related, charging stations, etc.

Energy Control, etc.

Energy management systems, transmission system monitoring/control systems, other various control systems, etc.

Information / Telecommunication Equipment / Infrastructure

Smart meters, communication units, optical fiber, sensors, etc.


Various informational/telecommunication equipment, infrastructure, software, service providers for internet, etc.

Environmental Solutions

Environmental measuring/analytical instruments, Devices related to energy saving, eco products, etc.

International Zone

Exhibitions from overseas corporations, municipalities, etc. engaged in Smart City-related projects.

Smart Life and Agriculture Zone

Exhibitions unique to this year’s expo, relating to healthcare, food, plant factories, etc.


Home-use medical products, health-checking instruments (scales, body composition meters, blood-pressure meters, etc.), medical equipment, medical supplies, testing equipment, analytical instruments, caregiving devices, software, etc.


Biotech-related, plant factories (fully artificially-lit factories, sunlight-utilizing factories), plant factory components, light environment apparatuses (LED, CCFL, fluorescent lamps, etc.), various environmental control apparatuses for temperature, humidity, CO2, etc., wrapping/packing machinery/materials, refrigeration/freezing equipment, hygiene management equipment, software, etc.

Keihanna R&D Zone

Exhibitions from corporations, research institutes, research and development projects, etc. located or talking place at Kansai Science City.

Smart City Project Zone

Exhibitions by corporations, universities, authorities, and groups related to the Smart City Project.

Sponsor Zone

Exhibitions from sponsors.

Smart City Expo World Congress