Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunity

We hope you will consider sponsoring or exhibiting at Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019.


10,000 key-persons from all over the world gathering in Kyoto/Keihanna.

[ KSCE2018 ] 11,260 participants including 520 from 20 countries and regions, 129 companies and organizations.

  • Project leaders from both private companies and governments, as well as researchers.
  • Exhibition from various fields of technology, such as environment, energy, ICT, health and food, culture and education etc.

Providing an opportunity to carry out worldwide business matching

95% of visitors and exhibitors were statisfied with the event outcomes.
“we had important results” and “we had results”.

Seven dimensions at KSCE2019 in Kyoto – Keihanna


A global event held via partnership and cooperation between regions around the world.

BBusiness support through the global networks of Barcelona (Spain), Denmark and so on


Multifaceted discussions and information exchange among participants from all over the world, under the themes such as the latest world trends, researches, technological developments or urban policies related to the expanding smart city market.

Boosting of corporate technological interaction and collaboration on a global scale


Keynote speeches, sessions and more from top-level smart city experts invited from Japan and abroad.

Refining of corporate strategies on smart cities


Holding a “Nationwide Local Municipalities Exchange Symposium” so as to share the good practices that ICT can be utilized to solve regional issues.

Matching opportunities between local municipalities and businesses


Offering corporate exhibitions for the purpose of B-to-B transactions and business matching.

Creation of new business opportunities through exhibition from many companies and organizations at KICK, the global base for open innovation, as well as matching with exhibitors of Keihanna Business Messe


Opportunities to come in contact with the latest researches and technological developments on smart cities in the most advanced environment for innovation of Keihanna, which is also specified as the designated area of National/International Strategic Zone.

Presentations on various projects related to smart cities


Organizing interactions on research seeds and technologies related to smart cities between universities / research institutions / companies in Japan and around the world.

Organizing international exchange cooperation program and research complex program

Exhibition Zone

Smart Innovation Zone

Exhibitions from corporations relating to environment/energy, ICT, mobility, culture/education, etc.

AI / Big data

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Processors, Image Analysis Technology, Speech and Image Recognition Technology, Image Sensors, Data Analysis, Analytical Technology, Big Data, Cloud Services, Natural Language processing, Robot Development, Behavior Data Mining, Automatic Surveillance Systems, AI Home Appliances, VR/AR Related Technology, Signage, App-Related Technology, Mobile Communication Systems, Cyber Security


Connected Technology / Sharing Technology / Convoy Driving Technology, Navigation / Vehicular Control Systems, Human Machine Interface Technology, Image/Voice Processing Technology, Cameras, Drones, Smart Distribution system

Smart Factory / Smart Work

IoT Solutions to Increase Productivity, FA Automated Warehouse Systems, IoT Compatible Industrial Equipment, Agricultural Solutions, Soil Sensors, ICT Farming, Serving Robots, Cleaning Robots

Energy / Smart Living

HEMS, PLC-Related Technology, Energy Creation, Lighting, Energy Storage, Energy Saving (Energy Saving Home Appliances), Storage Batteries, Education

Healthcare and Medical Zone

Digital healthcare product & technology, Home-use medical products, health-checking instruments (scales, body composition meters, blood-pressure meters, etc.), medical equipment, medical supplies, testing equipment, analytical instruments, caregiving devices, software, etc.

Keihanna R&D Zone

Exhibitions from corporations, research institutes, research and development projects, etc. located or taking place at Kansai Science City.

Smart City Project Zone

Exhibitions by corporations, universities, authorities, and groups related to smart city projects.

International Zone

Exhibitions from overseas corporations, municipalities, etc.

Sponsor Zone

Exhibitions from sponsors.

KSCE2018 Results

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Attendee Analytics

From the KSCE2018’s questionnaire

Voices from Exhibitors

From the KSCE2018’s questionnaire

Q . How would you rate your satisfaction with the exhibition?

  • The event has a clear target, which is incredibly appealing.
  • The event feels comfortable, with a manageable size compared to that of large-scale exhibitions in Tokyo.
  • Lots of people gathered at the reception area after exhibiting, where they actively exchanged business cards.
  • The polite advice and support from each office was incredibly helpful.

PICKUP“Local Municipality Tours”

  • “As a business matching initiative, ‘Local Municipality Tours’ was beneficial for each of the attending municipalities, organizers, and exhibiting companies. The scale of the event is expected to grow even further.”
  • “Since all the participants shared a common perspective, explanations were narrowed down to the crucial points, which was really beneficial.”
  • “By participating in groups, it is easy to talk one-on-one and deepen one’s understanding by sharing opinions with another.”
  • “Having the opportunity to listen to issues facing local municipalities served as a chance to look into expanding business.”

PICKUP“Business Matching”

  • “Served as an incredibly interesting discussion for business, gaining insight into technology that can improve our business moving forward.”
  • “The event was extremely beneficial, and served as a good opportunity to learn about future collaborations.”