What is Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019?

Progress in ICT, such as IoT, Big Data, AI and robots, is creating a new
industrial structure deemed the Industry 4.0, and smart cities, which promise
improved convenience and a comfortable lifestyle, are being developed.

The Japanese government also aims to incorporate ICT into all kinds of
leading-edge industries and social activities, to create a Society 5.0 promoting
economic development and solving social issues.

Based on these objectives, Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019 is being held to
take on the challenge of creating an meta-comfortable smart society and to
establish a system to promote new businesses and industries based on
sustainable open innovation. This is to address urgent social issues such as
the loss of social vitality and decline of regional areas due to aging
populationand declining birthrate.


  • 01

    Focus on creating a meta-comfortable smart society and promoting related businesses

  • 02

    Collaborate with concurrent and in-program events, so as to provide wider variety of networking/business opportunities

  • 03

    Enhance hospitality and boost visitor and exhibitor satisfaction, to bring KSCE attractive and continuable


Kyoto Smart City Expo 2019 ended on a high note. Thank you for visiting us.
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