Special Events

Message from the giants of knowledge For Humanity in the New Normal Age

Date/timeOctober 27 (Tue), 2020, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

The global spread of infections caused by COVID-19 has suddenly and unexpectedly presented humankind with an era that has been dubbed the “new normal.” In all fields, including education, medicine, culture, the fine arts, sports, commerce and tourism, existing forms of communication are being questioned, and this is driving a transformation in the very way people live. In this new era, what kind of lives will we lead, and how will society develop?
Since its inception, Kyoto Smart City Expo 2020 has continued to ask what is needed to build a truly “smart society.” To address this question, we have invited knowledge experts from a wide range of fields to this event. We hope this will help to provide humankind with answers on a global scale.

Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto
Director, IIAS/President, RIKEN
Dr. Michifumi Isoda
Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studiesn
Prof. Shigeo Koyasu
Executive Director, RIKEN
Mr. Taizo Son
Mistletoe Japan Founder
Mr. Seigou Matsuoka