Smart City Seminar

Oct 27(Tue)

9:30 to 10:10

English Subtitle

Urban Digitization for the New Normal Age (provisional)
Mr. Kazuhiro Suzuki, Chairman and Representative Officer, Cisco Systems Japan

12:00 to 12:40

English Subtitle

Towards Building a Sustainable Society from a Global Perspective
Mr. Koichiro Kimura, PwC Japan Group, PwC Japan Chairman and Senior Partner

13:10 to 13:50

Happiness Society in the Post-corona era 

16:10 to 16:50

On the Smart City Initiatives LINE Fukuoka Implemented together with Fukuoka City
Mr. Naoki Minakata, Senior Manager, Smart City Strategy Dept, LINE Fukuoka Corporation

Oct 28(Wed)

11:30 to 12:10

English Subtitle

Building Smart City and it’s advanced cases using Virtual Twins technology 
Mr. Akio Moriwaki, Dassault Systemes K.K. Global Marketing Director, Construction, Cities & Territories

Cities are facing a variety of challenges, including climate variability, infectious diseases, natural disasters, population growth, traffic congestion, energy supply... Building a sustainable and resilient city requires an integrated city model and information platform. We will introduce how to utilize digital technology for city planning and development, and Virtual Rennes and Virtual Ginza.

12:15 to 12:55

Action of Nissin Electric for the realization of smart new energy society 
Mr. Tsuyoshi Okado Executive Officer, Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.

14:10 to 14:50

Realizing New Form of Smart Cities that Live Together with the Planetary Environment ~Shift to the Era of Coexistence with COVID-19~ 
Mr. Takehiko Nagumo, Executive Director, General Incorporated Association Smart City Institute Japan

15:20 to 16:00

Neo-Renaissance of the post COVID-19
Dr. Ichiya Nakamura, President, Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation (“iU”)

16:10 to 16:45

English Subtitle

Innovating in Smart Cities and Mobility
Mr. COCKBURN Andrew, Head of Global Business Growth, Connected Places Catapult