Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunity

Feature of KSCE2020

We hope you will consider sponsoring or exhibiting at Kyoto Smart City Expo 2020.

Sponsor/Exhibitor applications
DeadlineSeptember 25 (Fri)2020

insert_drive_fileInformation pamphlet for sponsors and exhibitors (PDF)
insert_drive_fileApplication Website for sponsors and exhibitors

Exhibition Zone

AI / Big data

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Processors, Image Analysis Technology, Speech and Image Recognition Technology, Image Sensors, Data Analysis, Analytical Technology, Big Data, Cloud Services, Natural Language Processing, Robot Development, Behavior Data Mining, Automatic Surveillance Systems, AI Home Appliances, VR/AR Related Technology, Signage, App-Related Technology, Mobile Communication Systems, Cyber Security


Connected Technology / Sharing Technology / Convoy Driving Technology, Navigation / Vehicular Control Systems, Human Machine Interface Technology, Image/Voice Processing Technology, Cameras, Drones, Smart Distribution System

Smart Factory / Smart Work

IoT Solutions to Increase Productivity, FA Automated Warehouse Systems, IoT Compatible Industrial Equipment, Agricultural Solutions, Soil Sensors, ICT Farming, Serving Robots, Cleaning Robots

Energy / Smart Living

HEMS, PLC-Related Technology, Energy Creation, Lighting, Energy Storage, Energy Saving (Energy Saving Home Appliances), Storage Batteries, Education

Healthcare and Medical Zone

Digital Healthcare Product & Technology, Home-use Medical Products, Health-checking Instruments (scales, body composition meters, blood-pressure meters, etc.), Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Testing Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Caregiving Devices, Software, etc.

Application Procedure for Sponsors and Exhibitors

From this year, all applications should be submitted via the dedicated Website.

insert_drive_fileApplication Website for exhibitors and sponsors

Application Procedure

  1. 1. All potential sponsors and exhibitors should register via the dedicated Website above
  2. 2. Applicants will receive an email confirming their registration
  3. 3. Successful applicants will be notified of the URL for their individual Web page and login ID/password (scheduled for mid-September)
  4. 4. Participants should use their Web page to select a booth type, complete any other detailed registrations, etc.
  5. 5. Participants should also use their Web page to upload the data for their logo and exhibits based on their status at the expo

• The Administrative Office is available to answer any inquiries related to exhibits.
• The Organizing Committee will send sponsors and exhibitors an invoice for relevant fees.
• If applicants do not receive a confirmation email after completing registration, it may indicate a system error. In such cases, please contact the Administrative Office.

Exhibition Schedule

  • Deadline for applications: September 25 (Fri)
  • Orientation meeting for exhibitors: September 18 (Fri) 15:00〜16:00 (Japanese Only)
  • Deadline for payment of sponsor/exhibitor fees: October 5 (Mon)

Exhibitors will receive a detailed explanation of the virtual event at their orientation meeting.